Top 5 Back to School Essentials

Forget pen and paper, what’s yours style going to be like this school year? If clothes shopping isn’t in your top three of “to-do’s” before mid/late August, we forgive you. Not only that, but we have your back when it comes to heading back to school in style. Warning: This is not a trend report for Fall 2015; on the other hand this is your first semester survival kit for your style’s sake.Throw out the department store catalogs distracting you from being the Style Guy on campus, and checkout our fab five instead:


Wear denim up top


Denim shirts were sent from the heavens, and it personally took me 19 years to be awakened. Do you know how comfortable a denim shirt is? Well, have you ever slept on a cloud? Denim shirts are cool enough to keep you comfortable on a summer evening/night, while still being warm enough to stick around once fall hits.

Image: H&M

Image: H&M

Down to Earth


An essential chino in an earth tone is, well, an essential. Earth tones are colors that you see if you were stuck in the middle of ‘nowhere’. This means brown, tan, khaki, and olive green are examples of colors that you want to keep below (and at) the belt. This leaves the versatility up top and shoe-wise for practically anything. Black and white are also exceptions because they’re technically not considered earth tones, but we’ll add them to this list anyway.

Hawkings Mcgill: Urban Outfitters  

Hawkings Mcgill: Urban Outfitters


Simple Shirt, Simple Life


The best justice you can do yourself this school year is to dumb down your outfits. Not out of the sake of laziness, but for your own sanity. The white tee shirt is the least used and underrated piece in menswear. High fashion realizes this, but the everyday student doesn’t. Decision fatigue is a real thing gentlemen, and get your Fonz on to make a tee shirt and jeans a no-brainer. Overuse your favorite hair gel and you’ll look better than the kid wearing a button down and penny loafers. As a matter of fact, pair it with the next item on your list..


Image: Uniqlo

Dark Wash Denim


With a blazer, with a white polo, or with your new white tee shirt for heaven’s sake. The point is, wear these with anything and everything for any occasion. Did I mention at anytime of the year? Sartorially, dark wash denim looks better in the colder months with earth tones, but rules are meant to be broken. Dark wash denim will make your legs appear slimmer, as will dark clothes on any part of your body.

Don’t skip Desert

I can remember being ‘that guy’ when I’d wear desert boots in high school; well, at least I’d feel like him. Instead of trying to be a Style Guy on your campus the hard way, wear these and see what happens. These are the most visually appealing boots to have in your wardrobe, and they’re perfectly comfortable for long distance walks across campus (which is the complete opposite of what I expected).

Written by:

DJ Hargrave | Founding Editor of College Style Guy