Tweaks To Up Your Casual Holiday Style

Fair Game

A Santa hat or a sweater with 'jingle bells' aren't the only thing to get excited about on the big day. Fair isle is a pattern that's not only festive, but it has history and tradition. The pattern 'fair isle' itself is older than anything you'll see in men's fashion today.

Pairing it with neutrals will bring out the color you're sure to find in any fair isle sweater, and finding your own unique way to style it. One of the hardest parts of your day would be trying to describe what the fair isle is, but it'll be best to let your actions speak louder than words. Its sophisticated. Its exciting. Its fair isle.

$49.99 at H&M

$84 at Brooks Brothers

What's a Dress Code?

Being cozy by the fire on Christmas Eve is expected, but being cozy while expanding your waist size is a birth right. Make everyone around you as comfortable as you are by taking 'smart' pieces and dressing them down. 

Re-Do Your Denim

Every man's second best friend is his favorite pair of jeans, as they'll be the "white canvas" you build your outfit around on Friday. Regardless of your body type, dark colors are slimming and will make you appear taller than you really are. If cutting them at the hem is not on your agenda...think twice before you make the investment. 

$100 at Ralph Lauren

Practice Your Hat Trick

The last memory most of us have of wearing a beanie is being in grade school while carrying a bagged lunch. Now, men's style experts and clothing brands are embracing knit hats, providing styles and colors to go with everything in your wardrobe. You can kiss your winter hair style goodbye, and say hello to a toasty set of ears. 

$20 at Topman

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