The Top 5 Affordable Menswear Brands For College and High School Students

I know, your wardrobe is the last thing on your mind these days. What about your American history test on Thursday, or how you're going to manage to pay for your next dinner date? Looking good shouldn't be a hassle and neither should doing it at a reasonable price. As a young man at 22/23 or under, you can feel like a small fish in a big pond when it comes to mens fashion. Everything that you want costs too much, or everything that's within your budget is something your mom would only buy you if she was 5th grade graduation shopping.

This isn't the case though, as there are a few hidden gyms that guys either overlook because they're intimidated, or they just don't know that they don't know. 

Well, now you know.

J. Crew Factory

The same look as J.Crew but at lower prices, plain and simple. If you're a cross-seasonal shopper, go crazy on the clearance prices on summer items right now. Whenever I have an occasion coming up within about a week/week and a half, J.Crew Factory is my right hand for fast shipping and a much better fit compared to the department stores you'd usually go to in this scenario. 

Side Note: Their newest promo "Nice & Cozy" has everything you'll need in the coming months at a cozy price.


The Spanish retailer is the world's biggest fashion retailer and with reason. Imagine bringing high fashion to your wardrobe without looking like the guys on the runway, and at a price that's the same as that dinner date you're dwelling on paying for (can you say, impulse shopping decisions?). In other words, if you shop at Zara and buy the right fits, you'll look like you know what you're doing no matter what at a generous price point. Some of my favorite pieces from Zara are their Bomber Jackets and their chinos which are the best ones that I've ever tried on to date.


If you didn't know any better, you would think that H&M is the world's biggest fashion retailer. With a buzz that reaches far beyond it's birth roots in Sweden, H&M  has influenced the way retail is done. Not to mention that they have all suiting, casual, and lounge wear options you could possibly ask for under one roof.


Several brands are offered, a size guide is available, and each product is photographed by ASOS to show you the cut/fit of all of their pieces. As an exclusively online retailer, ASOS is consistently providing content and new fashion pieces from over 850 brands as well as their own label. To put it in simple terms, this is every 15-25 year old's dream with street wear offerings along with the slimmest of slim suit cuts are at your disposal. Go crazy. 


This UK-based retailer is constantly expanding its North American influence, and with good reason. H&M and Zara are the menswear brands that get their names on the gold plaques in terms of popularity, but Topman provides one of the best grades of quality, especially with fall/winter knits at a slightly higher cost that's worth every penny. Not too many pieces from Topman are a major investment, like say, a Prada or Givenchy; but they're worth skipping a few lattes a week to invest in a few of their pieces. Go from the 'guy walking to psychology' to the guy who's belongs in a european retail catalog.