5 Moves to Help Your Fall School Style

We're about to jump into the most busy time of the year; we're transitioning back into school the school year, businesses are getting ready for the biggest season of the year, and Holiday events plus more will jump into full swing over the next few weeks/months. With all of this on your plate, your style should be the least of your concerns. 

With thousands of brands trying to catch your attention it can get hard to decide what and where to shop for. Although to each's style is his own, we researched a few of the staples pretty much every guy can benefit from this Fall. Trust us, they'll take you from class, to going out with friends, to college football Saturdays. 

The Camel Coat

Image: syndicate.details.com

Image: syndicate.details.com

The same coat that your great-great-grandfather had is the same one you need. Other than college itself, this just might be the biggest investment you've made in your life. A camel coat, no matter where you get it from, will last you a lifetime. The camel coat would go down in the top five most classic pieces in a man's wardrobe, if such a list existed. Since this can be an intimidating piece, let's get a few things clear:

-Don't be afraid to dress it down with jeans and a pair of desert boots. For some this is 'dressing up', but not for you. 

-Rock a pocket square for more formal occasions. To really set yourself apart, stuff one of your gloves into that front pocket to add a nonchalant 'I forgot I was wearing a camel coat' feel to your outfit.

-Contrast is your best friend when it comes to making the camel coat look even better (a daunting task).

Go-To Boots

For some, it's the chelsea boot. For others, it might be an "outdoorsy" option from LL Bean or a preppy/classy aesthetic from Clarks. No matter what your taste is, its worth your sanity  to make sure you have the one pair of boots you can rely on with any outfit or weather forecast. 



Get bold in your Sweater Game

Christmas isn't the only time of the year for attention-grabbing sweaters. Aztec prints, cableknits, stripes, and whatever the heck you want on your sweater is open game this Fall. In other words, find the sweater that you normally wouldn't wear on a daily basis, but this time wear it on a daily bases. Buy several of them, too. 

If you want to play the hipster card, wear them with a pair of jean shorts when the weather permits. If you're a little more conservative, pair your sweater with a light or dark wash pair of denim to let you sweater do the talking.


Don't wear them like dad

Light wash denim is huge, plain and simple. Forget about trends, they look good on anyone at anytime. What'll be the difference between you wearing them like Kanye (we apologize if you don't like Kanye) and looking like a dad? Fit. Stay as close to slim silhouettes (maybe, even skinny) as you possibly can. To be even more '2015', find a distressed pair if you're one of the lucky few.  

In the beginning of Fall, pair them with a flannel and your go-to boots. Once the ice cold months come around, pair them with your camel coat layered over a graphic sweater.


Layer Up

Mr. Rogers isn't the only one who can wear a cardigan right, so can you. Layering is an art, and it'll take time to master but start off basic with henley's, tee shirts and simple cardigans. The key is to wear enough clothes so that you warm, but wear them in a way so that you can slip off a layer without going through too much trouble.

For example, Mr. Gallagher (below) layered a simple cardigan over a henley in a way so that the cardigan can be easily slipped off easily. Really, its an elementary concept..but the colder it gets, the harder the layering game gets. Practice early.