Outfit Inspiration: The Layering Game

Taking a break from that Netflix binge to step our for class in winter weather can be a battle itself. This winter has been unusually warm but , even the biggest fan of cold weather would agree that its not a bad problem to have.

At least three layers is necessary once we get into late December/early January — maybe even four or five depending on where you live. Layering a button down, under a sweater, under a jacket is the usual uniform for the every day millennial guy. Regardless, layering is an addiction that's hard to get rid of once you get into the habit. 

A navy parka is piece that you won't see on the street every day. It'll have you ready for a chilly stroll across campus or a spontaneous trip to the Arctic. This shawl neck sweater in a neutral tone and Farah roll neck sweater perfectly compliment everything else and could be used more than once a week for layering. Other add-ons like this super warm beanie and black hoodie can make a huge difference when you feel like there's something missing. Remember over the summer when you had to take off an accessory/piece of clothing because of the heat? This beanie and hoodie will do the complete opposite for you.

ASOS with over 850 affordable brands is a go-to destination for college students and young adults. I've decided to give you guys a few of my favorite layering pieces I found from them. Hopefully, this will help you get started on the new-year-new-you wardrobe you may have in mind.

ASOS Bomber Parka