Men's Style Blogs to Follow in 2016

Heading into 2016 we're all looking for something new to refresh our brains, bodies and souls. While some of us are searching for our next workout plan, I'm searching for my next source of inspiration for the coming year. 

Even for the guy who can't spend a fortune on a new wardrobe, all it takes is the right style blogger to make you realize how much you can do with what's already in your closet. If you've seen what inspires me, you'll find a few blogs that are good daily doses to go with your morning coffee. 

Scout Sixteen

Quality photography, great inspiration, and (most imporantly) an amazing story is something you'll get every single time you visit Scout Sixteen. The Mississippi-born blogger is now a NYC (but soon to be LA) native, meaning he can bring fashionable looks to the table while still giving a welcoming southern touch. 

Men's Style Pro

Sabir M. Peele is one of those guys who knows everything there is to know about anything when it comes to style. I had the pleasure of meeting Sabir at a Glamour x GQ x Simon Malls Lookbook Live event and his expertise doesn't just show through his blog, but as well as in person.

Expect a variety of dapper looks with more suit patterns/textures than you've seen on any blog, along with showing you how to dress them down for the weekend (one of the unique aspects of MSP). With being based in Philadelphia with its growing fashion culture, and recently becoming a GQ Brand Ambassador, you can expect big things from Sabir this year.

Levitate Style

Style is about versatility, and that's what I think of when I visit Leo Chan's blog Levitate Style. I never know what to expect next; from dapper suits in the city to a casual look on a luxury vacation. He's collaborated with Uniqlo, Combat Gent, Sprezzabox, Perry Ellis, Bar III, Express just to name a few. You'll also find him in the September Issue of GQ Magazine in the LG G4 Fashion Week Campaign. 

He Spoke Style

The gap between information and inspiration has been bridged by DC native Brian Scawa. You're just as likely to learn something new when reading He Spoke Style as you are to be inspired by impressive photography. If you're looking to up your suit game especially, HSS is my diagnosis for you.

Ostentation & Style

Steven Onoja is an artist and creative with a unique perspective on culture, art and style. It seems like no matter what weather NYC throws at him, he finds some way to beat the low temperatures and win the layering game. You'll almost always catch him wearing  a stylish dress hat no matter how casual or dressed up his look is. Be sure to checkout his blog Ostentation & Style.

The Kentucky Gent

Good food (the recipes are always a plus too, tips for living a balanced life, and of course style tips are areas of expertise for Josh Johnson. The Kentucky Gent is more than just a catchy name. Its safe to say Josh knows how to rock a well-fitting pair of jeans and casual pieces better than most bloggers on any list.

Style Girlfriend

Wouldn't you go to your girlfriend to know what she wants to see you wearing? Well, SG not only offers style advice, but friendly advice from a female perspective on  lifestyle topics like food, fitness, travel, and home to give you that "contagious confidence".

Proper Kid Problems

Born in the south, educated in the north. Dean started his synonymous blog before his freshman year of college. Now with three contributors and expanding to topics such as food, drink and style, PKP has developed a destination for all things necessary for the proper life.