How to Wear Pink and Stand Out (Guest Post by Subrata Dhar)

Pink is considered as a feminine color and most of college guys avoid it like plague. On the other hand ,since most people don’t wear this color, we can wear it and stand out from our peers. Pink clothes can be used to construct classy, semi-classy, and even edgy outfits. Here is the list of three looks which will encourage any stylish college guy to include pink in his wardrobe.


Look 1: The Stylish classy Lad:

The color Pink psychologically represents feminine qualities like compassion, nurturing and love. But if paired with masculine colors , impressive yet effortlessly stylish outfits can be constructed. For  this look, we can wear a pink slim fit shirt and a pair of slim fit grey jeans. To give a classy touch, we should wear a slim fit navy jacket also.    

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A dark pair of burgundy or dark brown monk strap shoe, dark brown leather belt, brown leather watch and a wayfarer sunglass will complete the look. Remember,for effortless touch, I would suggest not to wear any tie and leave two buttons open. Among a large crowd of navy, black and white this look will definitely help us to stand out in a very stylish way.

Look 2: The laidback:



Look 2: The laidback:

This look is a quite semi-classy look, appropriate for mainly summer or spring. Key pieces of this look are a slim fit pink shirt (sleeves rolled up ) and a solid grey waistcoat or vest(black buttons for extra style points).

A pair of dark wash slim fit jeans and brown leather chukka boot should go well with this outfit. A brown leather messenger bag and some leather bracelet will complete the look. For more rebellious image, we may keep 2-3 buttons open ,opt for more distressed denim and go for 3- 4 day stubble look instead of a clean shave.         


Look 3 The cool dude:

Some of us really work hard in Gym and have every good reason to flaunt their hard earned good physique. Great news is ,simple  looking pieces often look very good on a sculpted figure. 

This look is quite edgy and casual. V-neck Pink tee should be tight fitted and a blue ripped slim fit jeans(a dark blue also is  good enough) will add  ruggedness to this look. Simple black converse shoe, leather bracelets and a black lether neckless will complete the look.

Last words:

I personally a big fan of slim fit ( not skinny) but anyone can also wear slightly looser fit also for comfort. Jacket in look 1, jeans in look 2 and 3 will also look good if we decide to go for slightly loose fit .

Apart from these ideas, in summer months full sleeve pink tee, white short and a pair of light brown boat shoes can also make a great combination.  

We can be creative and find more ideas even to wear pink as men.

Written by: Subrata Dhar of