What to Take Away from J.Crew SS16


That's a name you're seeing around here often, right? There's a reason for it. J.Crew has been doing it 'right' for 32 years in providing simple, timeless pieces that we all get a piece of the inspiration pie from. A lot of guys are intimidated by the fashion look books like that are usually sitting on your girlfriends coffee table — little did you know that what's in that book is what she probably wants you to wear.

Although this collection is catered more-so to the warmer months, there are a few tips and tricks to take away for year around use. To eliminate this fear, and help you earn a gold star from your girlfriend, make sure you're ready to bookmark this post for future reference.

Dark wash denim, black shoes, ditch the socks.

Up until about mid-October (depending on your climate) you'll be able to get away with the no-sock look and stay cooler than the dropping temperatures. If you're going to make the cuff move like this gentleman did, be sure that the jeans are a slim fit as opposed to the oh-so-popular boot cut. Those bad boys seem to come out of hibernation this time of the year, but they won't do your cuff game any justice. Lastly, for the love of your shoes and feet, don't skip the invisible socks.

Cable knits are getting bigger and bigger in menswear as we speak, and this earth-tone knit  proves why. This might be a little too lightweight for the likes of October, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to take a note of for FW15 (Fall Winter 2015). Pair it with earth tone brown chinos, jeans with desert boots, and pretty much any other combination of neutrals.

1) Just because snow may be coming soon doesn't mean you have to get rid of your white jeans.

2) Although a trench coat is pictured above, a navy pea coat could easily take its place for a strong, contrasting look.

3) White trainers are every man's best friend.