How to Wear H&M's Men's Fall Collection

August is in full gear and we're approaching one of the most awkward times 'weather' wise of the year. There are two types of people in this world: those who will be going top heavy or bottom heavy during the summer-fall transition. Most people simply don't know how to dress during this time of the year, but fashion house H&M has you covered (and so do I). If they give you the clothes, I'll show you how to wear them. Deal?

Affordability is our favorite "A" word because of H&M. There isn't (but there kind of is) a need to drive long and far in search of the nearest semi-luxury outlet store for affordable prices, and even then the prices can't compare to H&M. Whether you're starting the season afresh with a new corporate job or you're just in dire need of a back-to-school wardrobe update (let it all out, it's ok man) here's how H&M's fall collection can do you a favor or two this Fall.

Navy Baseball Jacket


Oh, you're going to a football game? Wait, it's 50 degrees outside too? This jacket with a tee shirt neutral chinos, and boots..plain and simple. Don't go too wool heavy with the socks though  it's not that chilly.

Seriously though, if you wore this jacket in a contemporary fit (maybe a size smaller than usual) with a white tee shirt and brown or olive chinos, then you just might be the coolest guy at the game...let alone walking around campus. With a nice watch you just might pull off that Fonzie, care-free/nonchalant look. Plus instead of taking advice from the Fonz, you'll learn what you know from the Deege.

Slim Fit Chinos


Its hard to explain a lot of things, but we'll never be able to explain why people are afraid of color once a certain time of year comes around. Don't conform and stick to boring clothes/colors. These chinos are the perfect way to do so if you're just building your wardrobe!

I'm not saying you need a pastel yellow or light pink pair of pants to heat up your winter days (unless it feels right, then go for it!) but throw in a pair of green chinos or even royal blue to add some color. Sunshine or rain, hot or cold, it's still life and color still carries on. We won't have flowers, so wear something every once and a while to brighten up our day.

Ten bands

Notice anything different about this shirt? Pop the collar then get back to me. This is a "No Collar Band" (aka collarless) shirt, the contemporary twist on the classic button down. At first glance you might not like it, but do yourself the favor of imagining how cool you'd look in this shirt. 

The purpose of the traditional collar that you're used to has two functions: to keep your neck warm when it's chilly and also for the purpose of wearing a tie. Honestly, the first reason is a stretch. So instead of being the guy who says 'I could be wearing a tie, but I'm too cool for one' be the guy who doesn't need the collar to look like a scholar.

Images Courtesy of H&M

Jacket: H&M

Shirt: H&M

Chinos: H&M


Written by:

DJ Hargrave | Founding Editor of College Style Guy