How to Look Sharp in Sweatpants to Class

Your number one off-duty pant this fall will be the sweatpant, not only because of the comfort but the tailored sweatpant is bigger going into this Fall than it has been in any other time in menswear history. Whether $2,000 sweats from Brunello Cucinelli are your cup of tea or Forever 21 Men will get the job done, its an investment you'll want to make for the sake of coffee runs and lazy Mondays.

Sometimes sweatpants can give off the vibe that you don't care, which is the last message that any guy wants to portray to the world. The only sweatpants that do this are the kind that are half a foot long at the opening and are so baggy you could hide your house in them. We'll teach you how to show the world you do care, but you'll still be comfortable while you're at it.

You know how button downs have, well, buttons? Try not using them and see how cool you feel. A buttoned up shirt usually represents formality, but unbuttoned it can give off a completely different feeling (make sure of course, that you're wearing a shirt under it). The more simple your shirt is, the better you'll look. Find your favorite pair of casual sneakers and you're heading out the door.

A bomber jacket is an all-american piece that'll do you justice in any casual situation. Pair it with a simple tee and some pumped up kicks to always be ready for a game of football or Frisbee on the yard.

The most sporty and simple way to wear sweats right is with your favorite contrasting sweatshirt and shoes. Definitely minimalism at its best, but what is a man to do with the weight of exams on his mind?