Holiday Gift Guide #1: The Guy Who Needs an Upgrade

Its that time of the year again — waist sizes are getting bigger and wallets are getting slimmer for the gift giving season. Over the next 23 days, parents, sons, daughters and significant others will be storming retailers across the country in search of that perfect gift to make someone's Christmas Day. Trying to pleasantly surprise someone is stressful enough, but doing it in a budget friendly way makes the deed even tougher.

To cut down on the choices to choose from and make this Holiday season less stressful, I'm going to put together a few gift guides for that special someone. Hopefully, this'll give you more time to enjoy Christmas parties and eggnog instead of the long lines at department stores.

This first guide is for the guy in all of our lives — the one who needs a head start on that New Year's resolution of becoming a well (or, at least a better) dressed man.

A dark wash can be flattering, but light wash denim will carry him into the warmer months. via Uniqlo

Make sure he gets started in the layering game for the new year. A neutral like this can be paired with other ones if he's conservative, or paired with bold pieces depending on his taste. via Your Neighbors

The older I get, the less men I see in scarves. In fact, I've never seen enough guys in them my whole life. via J.Crew

A hoodie is in every guy's wardrobe...let's face the fact. Also, let's face the fact that it fits like you're still a jock (unless you still are). Its time for an upgrade. via Everlane

He might not be able to fit them right after the holidays, but you can't blame this retailer for making some of the best fitting pants on the market. via Bonobos

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