An Evening with H&M

Since the day I enlightened (we'll call it that, for now) there has only been one day when I felt like I didn't look my best. Surprisingly, it was prom night. I went through the same assembly line of rental tuxedos and tasteless bow tie/cummerbund combinations that I dreaded wearing. From that day on, I promised myself I would never rent a tuxedo as long as my last name is Hargrave. 

Boxy fits, weird smells, low-quality fabrics (if you're not willing to spend a fortune on renting a tux, which you shouldn't have to) and worrying about return dates. What makes a black tie event even more special is when you know you're one of the few men in the room who didn't rent his evening wear attire. When I went to H&M's website yesterday I found a pleasant surprise, as their evening attire line was highlighted and calling my name. 

Contrasting buttons and ticket pockets are my favorite aspects of both of the dinner jackets that come in dark blue and dark gray with a slim silhouette. This is an evening suit with a modern twist, so experimenting with patterned shirts like this is acceptable. Patented oxfords (for the more conservative) and velvet tassel slippers for the misfits are the two footwear options, but I'll put my last dollar on the slippers any night of the week. 

Be sure to checkout the full collection here