Friday Finds: 10/23/15

With about week before Halloween, there's only one weekend left to spend money on the things that'll last you longer than a weekend (costumes, candy and what not). While you spent some time working on your outfit for the big night, I spent some time finding the investments you should've been looking for.

From formal, to the first date, to the big presentation..these will take you there.

Military inspired and war ready for the coldest temps. The most versatile and functional coat you can invest in is the navy double breasted peacoat.

Can you spell "Fall" without "Go-to sneaker"? Didn't think so.

Are you the kid who wears khakis more than three days out of the week? No need to be ashamed, olive and khaki is the best thing to ever happen to the color palette. 

 A good way to ease into the scarf game if you're new to it. Solid. Fleece. Classic.