Classic Prep's Fall Must Have's

Love it or hate it, Autumn is here. Personally, I love Fall, it's not too hot, not too cold (at least where I live), Halloween is around the corner, followed soon after by Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS. Oh yeah.. how could I forget? Pumpkin Spice Latte's are back (Hay-o!). Now, I'm the type of person who can only wear certain colors during certain seasons. For example, Orange. Is it just me or does the color  seem acceptable to wear only during the fall? I've compiled up a list of my Fall fave's that I believe everyone must have. Some of these products I currently own, while some I hope to acquire very soon. Take a look! 


1) Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol 40mm- I have a love/ hate relationship with watches. Sometimes I can't leave the house without them and other times I'll take them off during the day and lose them. I'll be sure not to lose this one though. 

2) HillFlint College Sweaters- Fall is sweater season! How great would it be to be representing your school and turning heads. Warning: Expect a lot of compliments.  

3) Brooks Brothers Milano Fit 14-Wale Corduroys- Okay, let's all agree these are MUST haves. May I recommend the Navy? 


4) Brooks Brothers Ancient Madder Medallion Tie- We can't forget the professionals. Wearing these ties with that DW watch would be a kick-punch combo! 


5) J.Crew Lambswool Sweater in Varsity Colorblock- Have I ever told you about my interest (read: obsession) with sweaters? 


6) Gap 1969 Jeans- Little secret: I only buy jeans from Gap. They're great! They don't fade, fit right, and look great. 


7) JP Crickets Collegiate Footwear- Talk about school spirit. And you can order custom! 


8) J.Crew Long-Sleeve Garment-Dyed T-Shirt- Sometimes there's just no better feeling than wearing a classic Long-Sleeve T. Studying for exams, Bonfires, Football games, etc.. 


9) Sperry for J.Crew Driving Moccasins- These shoes don't need an explanation. 


10) Vineyard Vines Fleece 1/4 Zip- Last, but certainly not least. 

All of these are special in their own way. I try to pick items that will never go out of style that way you can enjoy them for years to come. A few (or all) of these items will make Fall fly by.