Christmas Sweaters That'll Last Beyond Christmas


Neutrals are in circulation 365 days a year, and as long as its below 50 degrees then you can still pull out a sweater like this without shame. Because there isn't too much pattern, I'd keep this dressed down and avoid dressing up too often.

HIckman Sweater via Pickman


This Swedish brand knows a thing or two about cold weather. This sweater proves that, and its also a piece that can be dressed up if you make it the focal point. 

Jacquard Knit Sweater via H&M


Darker shades of green is an all-too-familiar sight during the holiday season, but this earth tone is still in style once the holidays have passed. The busyness of the fair isle pattern will have people saying "Nice sweater!" instead of "Isn't Christmas over?"

Lambswool Fair Isle Sweater in Forest via J.Crew

L.L Bean

L.L Bean probably made a sweater similar to this for our grandfathers, now the torch is being passed down to you. Use this as a layering piece instead of the focal point of your outfit — pattern along with light gray/white can easily be seen as synonymous with snow.

Shetland Wool Sweater in Fair Isle via L.L Bean