"Athleisure" Becomes a Word In The Dictionairy

Remember when you tried wearing sweatpants to an interview? Well I hope you don't, because the day still hasn't come. Luckily for you, wearing athletic pieces on a daily basis just got that much more acceptable. The trend gave birth over a year ago and is still relevant thanks to two things: runways and comfort. Although classified as a 'trend', athleisure is more of a new genre of style than it is a trend and Mr. Webster has taken notice. 

Next year, "casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use" will be next to the word and will give America another reason to try less when getting dressed in the morning. Women caught on to athleisure a long time ago (ever seen a girl in yoga pants, a tech fleece and sneakers on a 'rest' day?) and now with men catching on, the trend is sure to thrive and sustain. 

Sweatshirts, joggers, tee shirts, hoodies, and movie-director-style caps isn't just for celebrites looking to stay incognito while grabbing their red Starbucks cup or pick-me-up burger in New York. Athleisure will taking over the streets, and scarily enough, performance wear will grow more than ever. Will those sweats make it to the office?

Here are a few of my favorite athleisure pieces:

Nike Free Hypervenom Low Sneakers

Low and ready to go (on a coffee run..an "I'm five-minutes-late-to-class run..or just a run). Every day, I'm looking for those pieces that I can slip on at the last half-second that goes with anything. With Nike's signature flex grooves, within a short amount of time these will mold perfectly to the man's foot, leaving you feeling like you forgot to put on shoes. Your only diagnosis is to avoid on rainy days. Real upper leather and other lightweight materials, these are perfect for any day except a rainy one.

John Elliott Escobar Sweatpants

John Elliott = The king of today's sweat pant

Have you seen those slim fit Adidas sweatpants that look good on any body type? Replace those synthetic materials with cotton and you have Sunday's best friend with a drop crotch and a taper from knee to ankle to die for. 

Gents 'The Directors' Baseball Cap

Luxury baseball caps are a thing, my friend. As seen on Justin Timberlake, Robert Pattinson, and most of the Hollywood big shots.

Nike Tech Fleece Crew

Plain, simple, has front pockets for your phone charger and mini tablet to sneak into class when you don't need a backpack, and ready for a light jog on a chilly day at your dispense.