3 Backpacks to up your Style Game

Tinder matches and Netflix binges aren't the only things you should be looking forward to with move-in day approaching, but what you'll be sporting to class isn't a bad thing to be excited about either. Most guys overlook this part of their style, but little do they realize that a backpack is a part of your outfit. 

Imagine everyone at your school wearing white Nikes. Every. Single Person.

That's practically what happens when you see everyone wearing the same book bag (Jan sport, Columbia, maybe an athletic brand here and there). The power of 'different' accessories is from the crowd underestimated these days. If you have the right backpack, even a white t shirt and joggers combo can go from "I don't care about class" to "I don't need much to look classy". 


Image: www.venque.com

Image: www.venque.com

This is one tough nugget. After personally having this bag for over a year, it hasn't flinched a bit in regards to showing sings of aging. Venque bags will come straight to your front door handcrafted in Toronto, Canada but the wait is worth it. With a water repellent exterior,  real leather, and up to 15' for Mac Air & accessories pockets, Venque makes their bags just as functional as they are attractive; Isn't that what everything in life should be like?




If you live the active (or casual) lifestyle then this heather grey bag from Everlane is the perfect fit. It screams "I'm either going for a run after class, or just left one". The cotton-twill exterior, aka the stuff that your sweatpants are made of, both have the look and feel of a casual-classy accessory. "The backpack for those that own the go".

Herschel Supply Co.

Image: www.herschelsupply.com

Image: www.herschelsupply.com

There has to be at least one brave soul reading this article, so this is for you. If you're the high-fashion type or you just like to brighten people's day (pun intended), this salmon/bright red, nearly oversized backpack from backpack legend Herschel Supply is tailor-made for you. This is probably the most functional of the bags on this list, simply because of the size, which means you can worry more about how much 'stuff' you can fit in it as opposed to how you're going to fit you're 'stuff' in it.

Written by:

DJ Hargrave (@tailormadedj)

Founder & Editor of College Style Guy