Your Biggest Asset: Relationships

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with" - Jim Rohn

Our relationships are our biggest assets outside of ourselves. Personally, I spend the most time and energy investing in myself. After that comes my relationships - whether they be through business or personal reasons. 

There's absolutely no way that the guy who's in business for his family and friends will be less successful than the guy who's in business for his own benefit. One of the most powerful ways to motivate is to find a reason outside of yourself to live that dream, achieve that goal, or straight up kill it in the marketplace.

The goal isn't to be too "needy" of others, but to maintain self-reliance while still realizing that success isn't self-made. Having people outside of yourself who are holding you accountable also helps you get out of bed on those early mornings or put in the overtime work. If your goal is to build a house at one point in your life, then what would make you "successful"? Building a house.

Now try building a house by yourself... I dare you to. Now try building your success by yourself without making a single connection or nurturing a single relationship... I dare you to!

These shots were from a recent stroll through uptown Charlotte, NC. These two looks were styled with a city-dweller look in mind. In this case, fit and comfort are key.

Instead of being stuffy in a blazer, a sweater layered over a button down and skinny tie is enough to stand out as a classy weekend look. I went with white jeans and black boots to provide a contrast that balances this look perfectly.

Joseph cracked the code to having great style in 2016, which is dressing down what you'd normally dress up in your wardrobe. To all of the creatives out there, a tee shirt under a vest is worth the energy saved. You'll give the impression of being well put together while having all of the breathing room in the world.


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