3 Unconventional Tips to Becoming a Morning Person

IT'S MONDAY!! ...ok, maybe you didn't want to hear that.

Yes, mornings are rough. Despite being an early riser myself, I'm not necessarily motivated at 5:30 in the morning to run a marathon, write a novel and bake the best cake you've ever had. , Take the next two minutes open up your mind to realize the precious moment we call the morning. Even the slightest taste of the quiet, peaceful early mornings can keep you coming back with an empty plate for seconds. 

Don't get me wrong, being a night owl is great if that's your thing. Some of us are born with  a certain biological clock that works best for us. If you're not a night owl who goes to bed past midnight and wakes up no later than eight or nine in the morning, then making a slight change to your routine can do wonders for your productivity. 

Not only that, but the early mornings are a great time to clear your mind for the day ahead.  Some of us  meditate, read, or pursue a peaceful hobby such as painting or writing. The psychological advantage you get over the 'next guy' is tremendous. Not that you're in competition with anyone, but having clear, "Zen" skies over your head instead of a grey cloud there will only help your productivity. Here are a few unconventional tips to help you achieve becoming a morning person:

Find something you love

There are days when I jump straight out of bed and go straight to my laptop. This isn't a healthy habit, but it proves a point that having something you're passionate about will make mornings easier to deal with. As soon as I open my eyes, I immediately want to get to work on sharing content that helps you become a better and more stylish person than you were yesterday. Why? Its what I love to do. Unfortunately, jumping straight to work as soon as you wake up leads to an "Oh I have to get this and that and that done" mentality all day. Which leads to my next point...

Focus on the Golden Hour

You wake up, brush your teeth, wash your face, shower, get dressed and you're out the door. This is exactly what's wrong with most morning routines in the world we live in. Why do you think you're always irritated by traffic, impatient and in a rush all day? Because you started your day in one.

The Golden Hour (the first hour of consciousness after waking up) is the most important hour of your day. Science says that when you wake up, your brain is operating at 10.5 wave cycles per second. This is fancy jargon meaning that this is when your brain most impressionable to the messages sent to it. Review your goals, exercise, and have a decent breakfast — your afternoon self will thank you for it.

So when you wake up saying "Gotta go gotta go gotta go right now" or "Its Monday AGAIN?!?!", guess what frame of mind you'll be in all day? Never underestimate the Golden Hour.

Move Slow

A common stereotype, especially among athletes, is to get up and go; specifically to engage in physical exercise immediately. You'll even find some blogs that tell you to have your running shoes ready beside your bed as soon as you wake up. Just like a runner stretches to warm up before a meet, you should let your body warm up in the morning.

When I I start my day with exercise within 20 minutes of waking up, I'm hit with a mean case of physiological  fatigue after my workout. The reason is because I didn't give my body time to wake up. On the other hand when I give myself about half an hour to gather my thoughts, chug water and walk around a bit, the world is my oyster. 

Not only is this useful pertaining the to physical exercise but also mental exercises. Don't dive into your hardest project of the day as soon as the alarm goes off. 

What's your morning routine? Are you a night owl who's willing to give this a shot? Let your voice be heard in the comments below and we'll chat about it.

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